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SquidGrow: The brainchild of a Shiba Inu whale

What’s behind the moon?

Regardless of a Bear market or Bull market, the market continues to offer us opportunities, especially in Binance Smart Chain (BSC.) Well, you’ve been looking in the wrong direction if you were hunting for gems and haven’t spotted SquidGrow.

The utility-focused memecoin, named after the popular Netflix series Squid Game, has just about all the right delicious ingredients to make it a qualifier for the big leagues, and its chart aligns perfectly with that observation.

I had a brief chat with Shibtoshi, the lead man steering the wheel of SquidGrow, to understand more about what’s going on behind the scenes and what’s in store for its investors.

Project Info

Name: SquidGrow
Symbol: $SquidGrow
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract: 0x88479186bac914e4313389a64881f5ed0153c765
Buy / Sell Taxes: 8 / 8

What is SquidGrow

SquidGrow was launched in mid-June of 2022 on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by one of the biggest Shiba Inu whales, along with another colleague from within his whale network. The project was fairly under the radar for about a month until it started breaking new highs day after day.

At the time of writing this article, SquidGrow currently boasts over 6000 holders – an impressive feat for an inconspicuous token that seemed to have slipped by the attention of most.

SquidGrow’s insanely parabolic chart

The project brings forth the classic BSC vibe we’ve all grown to love. A proper decentralized coin, with solid liquidity, renounced ownership, low taxes, and several functioning utilities. It was stealth launched with around 30k marketcap.

The Conception

About five months prior to SquidGrow going public, Shibtoshi and AreDub met each other through a private whale network group on Telegram. After figuring out that they have lots in common, they spent countless hours discussing their passion for crypto and even invested in several tokens together over the next months that followed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Predator GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Shibtoshi & AreDub meeting for the first time.

With that relationship solidified, the foundation idea for SquidGrow was born out of discussions among Shibtoshi and friends.

We would create our own token. We wanted to give investors a safe place to invest within the current market conditions, and provide the possibility of also making life-changing money.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

In other words, SquidGrow was conceived out of a genuine interest of giving the community the “gem” they so deeply crave for on a daily basis. While maintaining healthy levels of safety, hype, and risk-reward ratio.

Both of us, time and time again, have seen friends lose money in projects where liquidity was pulled, or selling was disabled; all for malicious developers to get rich while everyone else suffers. Needless to say, our entire group was sick of watching others lose money.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

And that, my fellow Degens, is how SquidGrow was brought into existence.

The Meme

Out of curiousity, I had to ask this question for a few reasons:

Firstly, I had thought the Squid Game meme trend has been dead and long gone.
Secondly, SquidGrow seems gives a middle finger to any kind of trend.

Korean Drama Smile GIF by The Swoon - Find & Share on GIPHY

According to Shibtoshi, the SquidGrow name and brand identity were created a few years prior when the original season of Squid Games was released on Netflix, which was follow by the Squid Game Token – infamous for its disastrous red candle after its liquidity vanished into thin air.

Due to this, the SquidGrow team was hesitant in using Squid Game-related branding due to the bad taste it had left in the memecoin community.

In the end, we decided to run with it anyway and make an effort to change the Squid Game meme image for good, which I believe we are definitely succeeding in doing so.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

SquidGrow vs The Rest

You may ask yourself (or you may be asking me), what the hell makes SquidGrow so different? It’s just a memecoin right?

Wrong. Pay attention! SquidGrow comes equipped with its own utilities.

Unlike most coins who promise utilities ‘sometime within the next quarter,’ SquidGrow has delivered its utility in its very early stages – with experienced developers employed to work on them.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that SquidGrow is different, then brace yourself.

The owner, Shibtoshi, is a day one Shiba Inu holder (who still holding his bags to this day! Now that’s what you call some ultra diamond hands.) Most of you memecoin OGS would have probably read the articles detailing about the trader who bought $8000 worth of Shiba Inu in it’s infant stages , which at its all-time-high was worth approximately 5.7 Billion USD. That’s right, Billion with a big B. That’s Shibtoshi.

An article about the “Greatest trade of all time”

In addition to all of the above, the owner and SquidGrow’s founding members are all directly involved with their community on a daily basis. They receive countless inquires and questions and personally answer them all. This is something you don’t see much of anymore in BSC, sadly.

The Team

The squad behind the reigns all play a crucial individual role in guiding a project to its intended target, and the SquidGrow team has the right skillset to get this horse to where it’s going.

As mentioned above, the main man and owner behind the wheel is Shibtoshi – day 1 Shiba Inu holder. His crypto tale has been written about countless times across various publications and social media influencers. His Shiba bag is arguably one of the greatest trades in the history of crypto.

He managed to accumulate $8000 worth of Shiba Inu within its first few days and still clings on to those bags to this very day. In case you skipped the first few paragraphs of this article, allow me to reiterate. At Shiba Inu’s all-time-high, his $8000 investment was worth approximately 5.7 Billion USD.

Some of the core SquidGrow team

Shibtoshi kicked off his crypto journey way back in 2011 during his online poker phase – of which BitCoin was the preferred currency. Since then he has been intricately involved (mainly as an investor) and has supported projects of all scales. SquidGrow is the first project that he has launched himself.

The copilot is AreDub who has also been in the crypto game since 2011, primarily trading top 200 coins infrequently over the course of the decade until he landed in the BSC space about 1.5 years ago. Initially, AreDub only invested in projects, then began working for an elite whale group that is known to call promising projects. Through this whale group, AreDub and Shibtoshi met each other and discovered that they shared the same views.

The extended SquidGrow team is a vast collection of developers and owners of successful BSC projects, CEOs of exchanges, and experienced marketing groups.


We can all agree that Marketing is vital when it comes to propulsion and longevity of a project. SquidGrow seems to have this element fully sorted.

The team recently announced a long-term partnership with the Blockchain Brothers – one of the most well-connected marketing teams in our niche. Blockchain Brothers, consisting of Iso, Dane, and Matteo, are notable for pivoting Catcoin’s direction and pushing it all the way to 70 million marketcap, making it the talk of BSC for months. They also have a number of other high profile coins under their belts that have soared incredibly high due to their effective marketing.

Currently in progress are several campaigns, including getting featured SquidGrow articles on the top visited online publications such as Yahoo, MarketWatch, Bloomberg, etc.

We are also branching out into International communities through different means I can’t yet announce. Shibtoshi and I have been doing AMA after AMA recently and we have some huge ones coming up over the next few days.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

Marketing truly isn’t limited for the SquidGrow team, coming in everyday with guns blazing. Another recent partnership was announced with Omar from The Solitaire Prestige, who is known to have partnered with several significant tokens in the BSC space.

We understand how the BSC operates and we strive to deliver. Anyone in our community will tell you that.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

Just a few weeks prior to writing this article, SquidGrow had featured ad space on billboards all across the USA, including Times Square, SpaceX, and Las Vegas. The billboard campaign was active for 7 days.

SquidGrow has also been listed on both BKex and BitMart exchanges, who are conducting their own individual promotional campaigns for SquidGrow. More exchanges are expected to be announced in the near future.


SquidGrow consistently delivers on utilities, already with a few under their belt.


The SquidGrow staking pool is essentially a high-APY unlocked pool where you can stake your SquidGrow tokens. Doing this will reward you with more SquidGrow tokens. Your tokens can be staked and unstaked at any time without any penalties.

Currently, the staking pool generates an average of 200% APY and is available for 30 days – afterwhich a new staking pool with be created and supplied with more tokens for you to earn while you sit back and enjoy the moon mission.

SquidGrow’s simple staking utility

LP Staking

SquidGrow’s LP staking pool is where Liquidity Pool tokens can be staked for a much higher APY (at the time of writing – about 500%!) All you would need to do is pair your SquidGrow tokens with BNB through PancakeSwap. Doing so will allow you to receive your LP tokens which can then be staked for a lucrative passive income.

Future Utilities

In terms of future utility, we have just this week announced to our community that we have had a bridge to ethereum under development for a few weeks and will be dropping that very soon. This is something we are very excited about. To be honest with you, this will not be the end when it comes to utility for SquidGrow. At this time we do not have any games under development, but nothing is out of the question.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

The Memecoin Market

If you’re a frequent Degen Clinic reader, you would know that I always ask this question for every interview I conduct. Primarily because I want to understand the perspectives of those that work hands-on with our crypto space.

So I asked, “What is your opinion on the memecoin market? Is it a fad, or something with a potential long-term lifespan?”

Memecoins are as much a part of crypto as any of the major top 10 cryptocurrencies. They are part of the landscape now and I really don’t see them going anywhere, anytime soon. Lots of people like to throw shade on memecoins but it was memecoins that really changed my life, and it will be through a memecoin that I plan to change the lives of many other people.  Something that will never compare in non-memecoins is the community, and there really is something special about that.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow


I need to say it. I wish I knew about SquidGrow much, much earlier. But alas, I missed another one. Did I buy a bag though? None of your business.

However, the amount of potential this has is understated. The team, the connections, the consistent delivery, utilities – No wonder it’s going parabolic.

I asked AreDub what does he think attributes to SquidGrows…growth so far.

Well firstly I have to say I hope it’s related to the 18 hour days both AreDub and myself have been doing since day one haha. In reality I think it has to be a combination of hard work, great connections, a very unique story not seen before in the crypto space and a community unlike I have ever seen in any other token. We are only just getting started too.

Shibtoshi, founder of SquidGrow

There you have it. The cherry on the top that makes the entire cake taste phenomenal. A dedicated, hard-working, persistent team that says no to the bear market.

Of course none of this should be taken as financial advice. However, I do urge you to take a look at SquidGrow. Maybe even find an entry somewhere along the line.


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