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$SIMP: A viable payment solution for Adult content creators

Easily solving the banking issues for NSFW creators

As we know, the adult content creator industry is plagued with limitations – but $SIMP enters the room with a viable solution.

This project promises to deliver what adult content creators were missing this entire time – a payment solution that doesn’t come with any roadblocks or limitations when it comes to NSFW or even certain niches of NSFW content (such as kinks, fetishes, etc.)

With cryptocurrency being on the forefront of choices when it comes to anonymity, lower costs, and global availability, $SIMP decided to launch their own token to provide easy transactions and overall financial solution to counter the hurdles of the big banking systems and payment gateways.

Here’s a breakdown of the project and what they have in store for both their fans, creators, and community. If you’re under 18 please click away from this article.

Just a heads up I will be censoring the word p0rn to avoid Degen Clinic getting flagged. If you somehow found this article by searching for something else, I regret to inform you we don’t have any of that on here (yet?)



Token Information

Name: SIMP
Symbol: $SIMP
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Supply: 1,000,000,000,000



3.5% – BNB Rewards
1% – $SIMP reflections
1% – Liquidity pool
3% – Marketing & growth

What is $SIMP

Essentially, $SIMP is created to be a frictionless far token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), conceived to build trust and power transactions for Adult Entertainers and their communities – with the initial step starting by powering transactions on adult content platforms like PocketStars and RocketStars.

We chose BSC as we feel it’s been adopted by the masses in a very short period of time & has a great investor community + we have the added benefit of low gas that lends itself to our business model. 

The $SIMP team

The gap they are filling is quite simple – granting creators the freedom to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their premium content, paid extras and tips, and/or recurring monthly or annual subscription fees.

The integration with PocketStars and RocketStars will readily available within 1 week of $SIMP’s public listing. This is quite impressive as most projects who have similar scale use cases normally take months to materialize and deliver their promise (of a platform, app, or game.)

Let’s all $SIMP, shall we?

The Adult Industry

Back in 2019, the global p0rn market was estimated to be around $36,000,000,000. Thats 36 billion, with a B. During the pandemic, the industry witnessed a growth of over 15%.

A significant portion of this growth has been attributed to the boom of platforms like OnlyFans and PocketStars which cater to independent adult content creators who can use the platforms to sell their own NSFW content, with over 500,000 new content creators joining the platforms to share their explicit creativity.

However, with every market boom, comes a correction (at least of some sort.) August of 2021, OnlyFans dropped the bomb – announcing that they would be restriction the sale of NSFW content on their platform due to policy pressure from Banks and payment gateways. This goes to show that even the corporations within the adult entertainment industry have to get on their knees (reference intended) for the Banks.

Benefits of $SIMP

Before you invest into any project, you must always ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of holding this token?” Of course this doesn’t apply to your everyday shitcoins or memecoins. But the question should still be very relevant to your investment decisions.

With the launch of $SIMP, they aim to eliminate a range of obstacles and common issues that are faced by both creators and fans.

  • Increased anonymity (for both parties). These means no NSFW on the bank statements!
  • $SIMP will have lower transaction fees than traditional banks and payment gateways. This means that the content creators, who work hard to deliver content for their fans, can keep more of their earnings without random fees eating away at their income.
  • More content flexibility – with this integration, a wider variety of content (such as kinks and fetishes) can now be available on the platform. Currently, banks and payment gateways often shame perfectly legal fetishes.
  • No annoying chargebacks (a payment that is returned due to a dispute from a customer regarding their purchase) All transactions using $SIMP will be final.
  • No holding periods – This is very common with banks and credit card processors who use normally hold payments for 5-7 business days after a transaction is successfully processed. This can be annoying and inconvenient to those who use their adult content as a means of an income stream.
  • Adds a layer between the banking system and adult content creators. Creators are often discriminated against by their banks and financial institutions when withdrawing or receiving money from adult platforms.

PocketStars Integration

If you’re not familiar with PocketStars, it’s a popular adult content subscription platform on which creators can upload NSFW content and their fans can pay/subscribe for. It was founded by Elle Brooke, a British p0rnographic actress and also a core member of the $SIMP team.

$simp pocketstars creator

The platform was launched in 2020 with the goal of building a diverse base of creators. Since then it has grown to over 15,000+ adult content creators and 250,000+active subscribers.

The birth of $SIMP stemmed from the PocketStars team who realized there was a huge gap in the payment options for adult content platforms. They face numerous roadblocks and limitations from financial institutions – so $SIMP was created out of pure necessity.

In the latter part of 2020, PocketStars set out to build an NFT platform to increase support options for its native creators’ premium content. However, come mid 2021, an unfortunate and challenging policy update from payment gateways paved the way for the conception of a decentralized payment solution supported by a native token.

Marketing Strategies

The $SIMP team has a solid marketing plan up their sleeves, utilizing connections and word-of-mouth to fully maximize their outreach.

With a foot already in the industry door, $SIMP’s primary marketing efforts will be leveraging their extensive networking within the adult entertainment community – recruiting and onboarding ambassadors that will be dedicated to spreading the word about $SIMP. Their current lineup of ambassadors include Keiran Lee, Gia Paige, and Elle Brooke. (New incognito window – Google images safe search off)

Regular AMAs will be hosted across various crypto-based communities

Frequent AMAs and ambassador meet-and-greets in order to merge the two worlds of crypto and adult entertainment – which is not that far apart in my humble opinion. This includes being introduced and discussed in several large communities on Telegram, Reddit, Discord, Medium, Youtube, and Facebook.

Part of the $SIMP team is also dedicated to PR & Media Outreach to spread the word about a news-worthy integration – that finally a functioning token integration can be used on an adult content platform.

Email marketing will also be used to reach out to the current PocketStars use base which has currently amassed over 300,000 users. Even from internal marketing alone, this project can reach out to a broad existing audience – with guaranteed exposure.

And finally, airdrop campaigns. The team understands the power of incentives and rewarding those who are actively promoting $SIMP. There will be a Telegram referral bot that rewards you with $SIMP tokens for every referral you gain! You can join the simple referral program here:

Tokenomics & Tax

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) $SIMP. The liquidity pool will be allocated 11.81% of the total supply, while pre-sale and public sale will be attributed 5.63% and 16.88% respectively. For all marketing activity, including airdrops, 5% is provided, and the team and platform development funds get allocated 5% of the supply each. A total of 48.85% of the entire supply will be burned on launch.

There are very minimal taxes on $SIMP transactions (relatively speaking) with only a total of 8.5%. This will be split up into 4 paths, including:

  • 3.5% BNB rewards – You will be automatically sent BNB rewards based on volume and your percentage of supply holdings
  • 1% $SIMP reflections – You will get more tokens with every transaction
  • 1% Liquidity pool – The LP will get 1% of all transactions to stabalize the token.
  • 3% Marketing – This will be allocated to a wallet that will be used as funds to grow the brand and spread public awareness.

Presale & Launch

The $SIMP presale will be hosted on DX Sale on October 5th 2021 at 19:00 UTC where you’ll be able to grab 225,000,000 $SIMP for 1 BNB. Minimum investment is 0.1 BNB while the max is 2.5 BNB.

It will be available for the public to buy on October 6th 2021 at 19:00 UTC on PancakeSwap. More specifics will be revealed in their Telegram community.

Meet the $SIMP Team

It needs to be said – the $SIMP team is an all-star squad, with various skillsets and professions that perfectly fit the roles that are needed for this project.

$SIMP team
The $SIMP core team

Elle Brooke was a former law student who gained notoriety through her profession in the adult entertainment industry. Her passion and dedicated to her craft has placed her in the ranks of recognisable and successful faces in the p0rn industry.

PocketStars was created by Elle Brooke who felt that there was a huge gap when it comes to support and recognition for adult content creators, which led her to build and grow a massive community driven platform that can potentially boom even further with the implementation of $SIMP

Chris McLaughlin is another core member of the team with over 8 years of corporate Business Development and marketing experience under his belt. He has been in the frontlines of the NSFW content industry acting as CEO of both PocketStars and RocketStars – contributing a large amount to the growth of both platforms. Prior to joining Elle Brooke and launching PocketStars, Chris played a vital role in Elle’s career growth.

Ben Sansom is the marketing brainiac in this team. Although he has worked with huge names in sports, corporate, and the entertainment industry, Ben had humble beginnings – starting his career from his mobile phone in school at just 15 years old. He stacks over 8 years of marketing experience.

The technical man that will make the $SIMP integration magic work is Thomas Sileghem, who boasts of 7 years of experience as lead for Web and Software development for various small and medium sized enterprises. 6 yers of blockchain development are also under his belt which initially started as a hobby but lead on to freelance opportunities.

Long Term Vision

Though, $SIMP itself is in fact a long-term vision already, since they will be integrating this into their currently existing platforms, I had to inquire about what their long-term vision for the project would be. Growing the project beyond the reach of their platforms can result in exponential growth in both the project and the overall income for adult content creators

We want SIMP to be the #1 method of payment globally for vice products and services & we believe we have the team and know-how to achieve it.

The $SIMP team


A project with an effective use case can be rare in BSC, as many overpromise and underdeliver. I like the fact the delivery of $SIMP’s use case will be just 1 week after their launch. This is when the true use of the token will come into play and we can see the effects of how it can potentially change an industry.

I believe by utilizing their existing content creator base, they can easily reach the eyes of millions of users who will find the solution beneficial. Resulting in a domino effect and massive growth of everything related to $SIMP

Again, nothing you read here should be considered financial advice. I’ve provided plenty of information and links for you to do your own additional research, but I advise you go beyond that. Always invest what you can afford to lose – no matter how good the project may seem.

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