Presale Statistics for February 2023

For a full breakdown for all presales in January 2023, please read Presale Statistics for January 2023

Summary of Presales

In february 2023, we listed a total of 231 Presales. Of all of these presales, 142 were successfully filled – amounting to 61.47%. Just a slight increase from the previous month. It should be noted that there has been a significant increase in the amount of presales, largely due to the slow revival of the crypto markets.

February vs January

In the coming months, we will start month-to-month comparisons for all presales, to see the market’s performances and how it affects us.

I apologize for lacking information on February’s stats. I wanted to include much more details but realized it was consuming more time so I ended up scrapping most of it. However, I will keep this as a monthly thing!


Note: There were a total of 92 projects (that we tracked) with “AI” was their usecase, name, or something to do with it. This doesn’t include the hundreds of others that were stealth launched, fair launched, and/or rugged.

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