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OnlyGram: we can finally buy nudes with Crypto!


OnlyGram was a scam. A few minutes into their launch, the dev pulled approximately 44k from the Liquidity Pool.

Really didn’t see this one coming as I was in contact with their head of marketing and some of their team was doxxed as well.

The adult content creator industry is about to be revolutionized as OnlyGram joins the playing field with their adult content selling platform that offers the ability to subscribe to your favorite adult content creators by paying with Cryptocurrencies. Yes – I can buy a hot girl’s nudes with DogeCoin if I wanted to (Or feet pics, up to you.)

You probably heard the recent developments as OnlyFans, a current industry leader, announced that they will be implementing certain limitations on the content. OnlyGram comes to the rescue to fill this gap. Here’s a summary of a chat I had with OnlyGram’s head of PR & marketing, Tiffany Ramirez.

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Token Information

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Decimals: 9


3% – Marketing
2% – Liquidity
5% – Reflections

The Concept

OnlyGram will be launching a decentralized platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that’s exclusively NFSW. Adult content creators can sell explicit content and fans can subscribe or buy the content – with all transactions being available in Cryptocurrencies.

With majority of adult content creators using OnlyFans, they have no choice but to abide by their fees and payment policies – which including chargebacks, long waiting time for payments, and at least 20% platform fee.

OnlyGram aims to solve this by having their platform based on crypto-based transactions only and introducing instant payouts for everyone. Chargebacks and having to wait weeks to be paid will now be a thing of the past.

On top of all that, the OnlyGram platform will be community driven – not regulated by any individual or corporation. The team aims to provide their users with a safe community setting and a suitable, efficient vehicle through which creators can give access to their art without interference from the government or corporations.

Features & Subscriptions

OnlyGram’s subscription model will be very similar to OnlyFans, including options of having a free subscription or choose to charge between $5 – $50 .

There will also be a credits-based subscription where 1 credit = $1.00.
For example, if a subscriber or fan chooses to subscribe to a content creator whose subscription offer is $20.00 for 1 month, the subscriber will have to deposit $20.00 worth of (supported) cryptocurrencies, or using the OnlyGram native token.

Onlygram platform layout
OnlyGram’s layout

After the payment has been processed and approved, the subscriber will then be able to see 20 OnlyGram credits in their account instantly.

Additionally, subscribers will also have the option to tip content creators who they are subscribed to, as well as pay for requests and private content.

Content Creators on the OnlyGram platform will also have more freedom setting and adjusting their preferred rates and subscription durations. Subscriptions can be offered for 1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year if they choose to.

We are all about giving content creators as much freedom as possible which is why we want the platform to be completely decentralized. Not even our staff or team can freeze your funds.

Tiffany Ramirez, Onlygram’s PR & Marketing

Both content creators and subscribers can choose to withdraw their credits into any supported cryptocurrency of their choice – which will be taxed with a 5% fee plus gas fees. If they choose to use the native OnlyGram token, all the fees are waived.

During the initial phases, the biggest (most used) cryptocurrencies will be available to use as payment such as BTC, ETH, USDT, Solana, Matic, Doge, and slowly expanding into additional option cryptocurrencies.

The Birth of OnlyGram

The idea of OnlyGram started back in November 2020 with the intention of creating an adult content platform that was centered around Crypto – but the initial idea was specifically for fetishes only.

At the time, there were no plans of launching a token for the platform. Instead, the team was to implement the top 10 most popular cryptocurrencies at the time to be used for all transactions. The project was then put on hold until January 2021 due to disagreements with investors not being on the same page.

We were originally looking for a small investment group to assist in the funding of the project’s finances but then the announcement from OnlyFans came about banning explicit content in August. This caused a fury of chaos and many of the content creators were opposed to this idea, resulting in many creators leaving the platform.

Tiffany Ramirez, OnlyGram’s PR and Marketing

Due to this game-changing announcement from OnlyFans, the team was motivated to restart and rebrand the project which resulted in the brand ‘OnlyGram’ – a crossover between OnlyFans and Instagram, with layout of content inspired by Instagram’s feed while having a similar look and overall feel like OnlyFans’ platform.

Moving forward, instead of relying on funding from private investors, the OnlyGram team made the decision to launch their own native token and get their initial investment from the support of the crypto community to launch the platform. A small bank loan was also taken out to compensate all of the current staff that’s on board

The Team

The OnlyGram team comprises of a wide variety of skillsets to help take the project into the right direction.

OnlyGram team
The OnlyGram team

Tiffany Ramirez (our interviewee for this article) handles all of OnlyGram’s PR and marketing. Fortunately for the OnlyGram team, not only is she experienced in marketing, but her background also spans some experience in the adult entertainment industry – working as a project manager at MindGeek. If you haven’t heard of MindGeek, they’re the parent company of popular pornographic content brands like PornHub, RedTube, and YouPorn. (Dear Google, please don’t flag our website.)

The VP of Operations is Megan Thompson who works mostly behind the scenes to make sure everything is place for all OnlyGram’s operations in the U.S and U.K. Her career experience involves working with tech companies in the marketing and blockchain spaces.

James ‘JJ’ R is OnlGram’s lead developer who oversee the platform’s development and direction.

Ethan M is the lead User Interface (UI) designer, who has worked with WPP in London and Omnicom based out of New York.

If you want to learn more about OnlyGram’s kick-ass team, their information will be posted on the website.

OnlyGram Exclusive NFTs

OnlyGram will be joining the NFT wave by introducing their own NFT marketplace where the content creators will be NFTs themselves.

Basically this means that all fans will be able to bid on the Content Creators’ exclusive NFTs when they decide to mint. Subscribers and fans can collect all of their favourite adult content creators and show off which content creators’ exclusive NFTs they own.

OnlyGram content creators will also be able to mint a video or image into an NFT and implement uniqueness (rarity) such as 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 100, then give it away to the highest bidding fan. This will create a potential ground for NFTs ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars because of the auction feature.

Like most other NFT marketplaces, all NFTs con the OnlyGram platform can be traded or re-auctioned – a feature that will implemented later on in 2021.

OnlyGram user layout


Similar to OnlyFans, the OnlyGram platform can be accessed from on both PC and mobile browsers.

There will be no native mobile applications due to lack of support and limitations from App Store and Google Play for adult content.

Marketing tactics

Though there are several marketing campaigns being deployed, the team’s priority is utilizing the power of influencers – specifically those in the adult entertainment industry.

We want to get some huge adult influencers on board, this is our #1 goal at the moment

Tiffany Ramirez, OnlyGram’s PR & Marketing

The OnlyGram team is also employing search engine marketing, paired with search engine optimization (SEO) so the brand can be strategically seen based on relevant keyword search results surrounding the adult entertainment industry (which, by the way, this article contributes to!) *wink wink*

They are also targeting some of the most popular OnlyFans creators, offering them bonus incentives for migrating over to the OnlyGram platform using the creator fund.

Why BSC?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is becoming more of a popular choice for non-memecoins and larger scale projects. And the reason is why you would expect.

OnlyGram’s team chose to deploy their native token on the Binance Smart chain in order to have the lowest possible gas fees, which will be beneficial to both creators and subscribers. The last thing you want went subscribing to a content creator’s $20 subscription and having to pay an additional $20 in gas fees, and him/her having to pay $20 gas fees to withdraw the earnings.

BSC daily transactions stats according to YCharts

Initially the project was going to be launched on the Polygon blockchain. The team decided that for growth, scale, and availability of active users, Binance Smart Chain was the better choice – though both Polygon and Binance Smart Chain have very similar gas fees.

The state of the adult content creator industry

I had a discussion with Tiffany regarding her perspective on the current state of the adult content creator industry – since she, out of all people, would have great insight on what’s happening.

Corporations and banks have so much power of the adult content creator industry, and this has been causing a lot of problems for these girls (and guys of course.) It is extremely hard for adult content creators to earn money because new limitations are being placed on them every single day. This causes creators to have to move to new platforms over and over again. There isn’t a single platform out there where a content creator can know what they will be paid for their work on a long-term basis.

Tiffany Ramirez, OnlyGram’s PR & Marketing


You can see how crypto is changing the world and our daily lives little by little each day. And if you’re a Binance Smart Chain investor, this should mean something to you. It shows that real tech startups are coming to BSC and utilizing the network.

With OnlyFans, whether or not they decide to move forward with their explicit content restrictions, it will soon be a thing of the past. If OnlyGram succeeds to consistently gain an active user base, we could be witnessing the next generation of adult content platforms.

The main challenge would be to remove the general perception of the complexity of crypto with the average non-crypto user – as majority of the populations choose not to be involved with it. Once the process becomes clear to those users, OnlyGram could be attracting tons of users and content creators by the flock, regardless if they trade crypto or not.

Of course, nothing you see here is financial advice. Always do additional research and make your own judgement. If you have more questions, feel free to contact the OnlyGram community on Telegram.

What do you think about the concept? And what’s your speculation on its performance? Drop a comment below and let me know! Or join the Degen Clinic telegram group and give us a shout! If you want to read more about other BSCproject’s that we’ve reviewed, check out BSC Projects.

Invest wisely. And don’t spend all of your money buying nudes on OnlyGram.

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