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These MadBunnies NFTs are everywhere

WTF are they are where can you get one?

If you’re actively trading in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) , then you should have been noticing how NFT scene is continuing to spread like wildfire. Everyday thousands of NFTs are being minted, sold, and re-sold – making hundreds of thousands of dollars, some even millions. MadBunnies has hopped on to ride this wave.

I recently had a brief chat with the team from MadBunnies to learn more about their project which is currently gaining some attention for their crazy Bugs Bunny-style NFT artworks. Here’s a quick overview:


Network: Binance Smart Chain
Marketplace: LootEx

What are MadBunnies

There are 10,000 of these crazy bunnies – all of which are hand drawn and computer generated NFTs. You can currently buy, hold, or trade MadBunnies exclusively on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

MadBunnies on Lootex
MadBunnies on Lootex

There are several different types of bunnies. On paper, there are 11 distinctive traits:

  • Body Color
  • Eyes
  • Spots
  • Tattoos
  • Background
  • Eyebrows
  • Wound
  • Eyewear
  • Headwear
  • Specialties

The MadBunnies Team

The leader of the project is quite experienced in Cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, including NFTs. The signature artworks and style was created by a member of their team who’s an art graduate who has studied art for 3 years – who has done an amazing job as a young aspiring artists.

We all can accept that blockchain is the future and NFTs are the key elements in the blockchain as proof of ownership cannot be technically hacked in any way. Just as real art is famous, digital art will be as equal to or even more valued in the upcoming decades.

MadBunnies’s developer on the future of NFTs
MadBunnies different mint prices

Why buy a MadBunnies NFT?

NFTs art itself is just that – digital art with proof of ownerships. The MadBunnies team aims to build a strong community and brand that will make all holders feel proud about buying and holding a MadBunnies NFT.

As with all NFTs, it’s up to you to do what you want with it. You can show it off on your social media and tell all of your friends. You can set it as your profile picture. You can even call your grandma on her landline and tell her all about how you bought a digital art bunny with spots and a tattoo.

And of course, you can re-sell it – sometimes for a profit, which always depends on demand and market rate.

MadBunnies on Lootex
Example of a currently available MadBunnies on LootEx

Charitable Donations

The MadBunnies team will be donating 5% of the total profits to Binance Charities to assist in the fight against COVID and world hunger. Their first donation will take place on September 10th, 2021.


With any project you invest in, it’s always important to understand what marketing plans the team has in store for the project, and the MadBunnies team acknowledge this and takes it seriously and understands the power of exposure.

We’ve been and will continue to constantly market MadBunnies on Twitter pages and Telegram channels. Over the process, we strive to build a strong community since that is the only thing that will take us far.

The MadBunnies team


I personally like the simplicity of it. No crazy designs and graphics, just a simply crazy bunny. You can now buy MadBunnies on LootEx. Future marketplaces to be announced by the team so feel free to join their community on Telegram.

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