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$HYPERSAFE: Holding rugged tokens? Here’s what this project can do for you!

Swap your rug tokens for $HYPERSAFE!

Many us are more than likely still holding some rugged tokens in our wallets. Not really hanging on for hope, but because there’s really no point in wasting $2 gas fees in selling them. $HYPERSAFE has a solution

Being a frequent trader in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has its ups and downs. With its super low gas fees (when compared to other networks) BSC has lots to offer and tons of room for growth. But it’s not always sunshine in this corner of crypto.

BSC is unfortunately full of rugs, hundreds of which happen on a daily basis. And after these liquidity pools have been pulled, we’re left sitting with our d!ck in our hands, while holding hundreds of thousands of worthless tokens. $HYPERSAFE will be giving you an opportunity to do something with them!


Token Info

Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Decimals: 18


15% – Total taxes
2% – Reflections
3% – Buy-back
6% – Charity
2% – Auto burn
2% – PCS Liquidity

Rugged Charity Swap

$HYPERSAFE’s primary use case is “Rugged Charity Swap.” This will allow traders to swap tokens from previous projects that have rugged or even those that didn’t launch – at 1:1 exchange value!

Almost every trader has fallen victim to a scam at least once, and this includes the $HYPERSAFE team as well. With their 3 years of experience, they have lost their investments several times, along with their friends and families.

We are here to help people out and help them move forward with their scammed tokens sent to the trash!

Zen, founder of $HYPERSAFE

The token swap will be supported by mechanics that will help sustain the project, ensuring long term survivability of $HyperSafe. 

There will be a dedicated team that’s in charge of all the labour for every rugged charity event. A DApp hasn’t been planned for the initial phase to avoid the risk of dust attacks – where scammers can intentially send dust tokens to the dump/trash wallet that may potentially breach the security of the $HYPERSAFE wallet account.


The creation of $HYPERSAFE

The team came up with $HYPERSAFE with the intention of creating the best SafeMoon fork there is.

If you’re well-versed in Binance Smart Chain, then you would already know that majority of the tokens being deployed since March 2021 have mostly been SafeMoon forks – the typical tokenomics that gives you reflections…and that’s basically it.

In order to revitalize and innovate the SafeMoon fork, the $HYPERSAFE will included buy-back features, anti-whale, and anti-bot mechanics.

1:1 exchange for Rugged tokens

To participate in the the Rugged Charity swap, you must be holding at least $150 work of $HYPERSAFE tokens.

After completing a brief entry form, there will be 4 steps to the process of swapping:

  1. Announcement
    The team will announce 5 chosen members in the Telegram group for each charity event. This event happens event 5 days. The team also takes snapshots of the current holdings of all $HYPERSAFE holders once the 5-day cooldown expires.
  2. Verification
    The team will then coordinate with the winners for the verification process of his/her entry. This process is simple and quick and will only require a few questions.
  3. Send ‘dead’ tokens to the trash
    Upon completion of the verification process, the member will then be instructed to send their dead tokens to a specific wallet known as the ‘Trash Wallet.’ There is no additional payment required – aside from the gas fees for the transaction, which in BSC is very little.
  4. Token Swap
    Next, all the member needs to do is wait for a few minutes to receive their $HYPERSAFE tokens. Screenshots can be taken to share with the community as proof.

Each Rugged Charity Swap event will be less than a couple of hours in duration. For more details, visit this link: (coming soon)

Rugged Tokens

Part of the team is made up of a panel of evaluators who are tasked to investigate a token to determine if it’s considered to be a rug or a scam.

There are certain qualifications that these tokens must have, such as:

  • Developer abandoning the project
  • Completely dead volume for over a month
  • Project did not launch
  • Empty liquidity pool
  • Honeypot contract

To verify whether the project has been a scam or not, the evaluation team will make a decision based on subjective and objective cues. Rugs and scam projects are quite easy to verify and team team intends to list as many rug projects to the best of their abilities.

All rugged tokens will simply be abolished to the Trash Wallet where it will remain permanently along with all the painful memories of money loss that are attached to it. This will also make it easier for the team to accommodate new members eligible for the Rugged Charity Swap events since it will be listed in the $HYPERSAFE documentation of the charity events.


  • Reflections
    Earn additional $HYPERSAFE tokens just from holding them with a 2% rewards distribution
  • Anti-Whale
    To avoid massive investments that can affect the chart and price, there will be a 1% max supply limit on each wallet
  • Anti-Dump
    3% of all transactions (from the taxes) will be allocated to the buy-back wallet which is used to counter downtrends on the chart.
  • Anti-bot
    A limit of 1% circulating supply for each transaction is implemented to avoid bots from entering
  • Hyper-deflationary
    From the taxes of each transaction, 2% is sent to the burn wallet, consistently and steadily decreasing circulating supply and potentially increasing the value of $HYPERSAFE tokens.
  • Sustainability
    6% of the taxes will go towards the Charity and marketing wallet which will be used to support the growth of the project.

The Team

Zen is the leader of the $HYPERSAFE team, who is in fact a medical doctor and became a crypto enthusiast. Barry is the head of all things marketing related and Ellison is the lead developer. Together, they’ve been involved with various projects in the past that were quite successful, gaining 6x-7x profits during their initial launches.

Our team has been in the Binance Smart Chain network for more than 3 years. We have had thorough experiences with presales, hyped projects, and failed projects. Therefore, we believe we know the best tokenomics that can make a project succeed – especially during launch.

Zen, founder of $HYPERSAFE

Zen also acknowledges the plain fact that the success of a project really depends on the market conditions, which is why mechanics have been intentionally implemented to avoid massive dumps and to prevent whales and bots form manipulating the $HYPERSAFE price and chart.


Marketing plans

The primary focus for the marketing strategy of the project will be the Rugged Charity Swap events. Like the success of every project, the team believes in the power and effect of word-of-mouth, which is the most efficient method of promoting and spreading awareness about a project.

Partnerships with other projects in BSC are also being discussed to contribute to the volume of the project, as well as onboarding crypto-related Youtubers and influencers to increase awareness.

Hopefully in the long run, we can include swapping non-rugged projects that have simply died or have no volume. But for now, our priority will be rugged/scammed tokens.

Zen, founder of $HYPERSAFE


$HYPERSAFE’s presale will be held on PinkSale, which provides more support to projects, unlike DX Sale. If you’re not aware. PinkSale ensures all project partners are fully doxxed or had done their KYC prior to launching a presale on their platform.

$HYPERSAFE BSC presale information
Whitelist presale via PinkSale

Date: September 23rd 2021
Softcap: 100 BNB
Hardcap: 200 BNB
Minimum investment: 0.1 BNB
Maximum investment: 2 BNB
1 BNB = 650,000,000 $HYPERSAFE
Liquidity allocation: 70%
Marketing and Charity Swap: 30%

The presale price will be the same as the PancakeSwap listing price

The team’s perspective of BSC

Zen predicts that Binance Smart Chain will continue to survive and evolve as it grows.

With the low gas fees and a very user-friendly interface or implementation of contracts, it still has a long way to go, and can last longer for quite some time. BSC as we know it, is full of scams and rugs. There should be a regulating company or group to minimize these. Our team is in full support of it

Zen, founder of $HYPERSAFE

While there is no sort of assurance to determine whether a project can be a scam or not, the team recommends that the best way to lower the risks of getting rug pulled is to communicated with the project’s team.

In addition to that, the practice of using your instinct can come in handy. Try your best to detect suspicious activities, inconsistencies, and other red flags. Read more about Degen Clinic’s quick guide on 10 shitcoin red flags to avoid before investing in any project.

The long-term vision

The team’s long-term vision for $HYPERSAFE is to maintain its reputation as the best SafeMoon fork within the BSC space. They intend to be fully dedicated to the life and sustainability of the project while ensuring it’s worth the time and patience from the community.

In the future, the team has an ambitious goal for $HYPERSAFE to creating their own auditing company for other projects in BSC. Aside from simply examining the contract, they will be evaluating the entire project.


If the project succeeds with its use case of swapping rugged tokens for $HYPERSAFE, then it can have great potential as a long-term investment. Since there are hundreds of rugs everyday taking thousands of dollars from people, this project can always have a purpose in BSC.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to join their community on Telegram and ask away. It needs to be said, nothing you see here is financial advice. Always do your own additional research and invest wisely

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