How Sleep affects your Crypto trading (plus 9 tips)

“Crypto never sleeps, so why should I?” I’m writing this piece to tell you that’s a load of shit.

Before you continue reading, I want to warn you that you may not agree with everything I’ve written here. So forget all the Monday Motivation videos and Andrew Tate instagram reels you consume, and open your mind to a more mature, realistic point of view.

If you take your trading seriously (or at least that’s what you tell yourself) then you need to start acknowledging the blatant facts that sleep plays a vital role in your daily crypto trading life.

This is how sleep affects your crypto game, and some tips on how to improve your game for the better.


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Sleep vs Profits

You’re staying up late hunting for the next coin to make a load of money. I get it. The grind is real. But hear me out:

Numerous studies prove that traders in all of finance (Cryptocurrency, Stocks, and ForEx) report lower profits when they are deprived of sleep. Your wallet balance numbers don’t lie, and neither do these. Read this study for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Traders who lack sleep make bad trading decisions. And though you may be making enough money to fool yourself into thinking that sacrificing sleep is worth it, I’m here to convince you that you’re likely missing out a bigger profits.

Unlike Stocks & ForEx, which are usually traded within market hours, Crypto is available 24/7 for you to buy, sell, transfer, lose, and pull liquidity. This offers you the opportunity to structure your lifestyle accordingly, regardless of your time zone.

Crypto is Unhealthy

I know it, and you know it, but no one wants to admit it.

It’s a fact – Crypto is unhealthy and toxic. This ranges throughout the entire space, whether it’s the communities on Telegram, Discord servers, Crypto Twitter, or staring at charts all day long. It’s not good for you my bro.

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It’s unhealthy and toxic because we allow it to be, and it has become a norm. Most traders in the shitcoin / memecoin space have no sense of balance with their lives. They’re fully indulging this 24/7.

But, yes, this unhealthy lifestyle is what we signed up for. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should get carried away with it, though.

Like any other field where you make money – a career, part-time job, side hustle, affiliate marketing, whatever – you must strike to achieve a sense of balance. This will allow you to carry out your daily routines with ease. And it starts with Sleep.

Emotional Trading

Like 90% of shitcoin traders, you’re probably an emotional trader to some extent. It’s in everyone’s nature to get attached to a project that you truly think is your next big win. It’s also natural to become angry or (emotionally) depressed when a chart is not performing according to your expectations. This is just a couple of instances where a degen’s emotions are activated.

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It’s been scientifically proven that Sleep directly affects your emotions and moods whether you’re aware of it or not. Sufficient sleep can grant you amazing emotional control, and the lack of sleep can turn you into a little grumpy asshole.

But in general, emotions relate to Impulsive trading. While we can’t avoid certain scenarios and help our inner-degens, at the very least with enough sleep you’ll be able to manage your impulses and make better calculated decisions when trading crypto.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Depression is way more common in our industry than you may think. It’s just goes by unacknowledged. I personally know too many peers who have suffered from either of these 3 conditions and continue to push themselves to trade without seeking any help.

Making money with shitcoins and memecoins can be quite simple, but can lead to massive amounts of stress and anxiety for those who make bad trading decisions. For example, hanging on for dear life on a bag that’s constantly dipping in value hoping sometime soon it’s going to turn a profit.

I admit, stress and anxiety can sometimes be unavoidable in this game, but still manageable. If you continue to work with these 2 being unattended to, it can lead to Depression – something I can personally say sucks really, really badly for yourself and everyone around you.

With enough sleep, at the very least you can balance your moods and avoid the deep dark hole of depression.

Energy levels

I don’t think I can stretch this one out. Enough sleep = enough energy for the next day.

You need energy to trade. You need energy to manage your emotions and stress levels. You need energy to fud the team because they promised CMC listing and didn’t get it yet. You even need it to read this damn article – super vital.

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If you’ve had a good nights rest, you can maintain your trading game throughout the day and efficiently lose your funds to random dog and inu coins (I’m kidding.)


This point goes hand in hand with Emotional Trading. If you have enough sleep, you’ll gain this superpower called Patience.

It’s pretty straight forward – patience allows you to wait on the perfect moment to buy or sell. You’ll be able to wait for the right coin and be able to say no to an investment that itches your impulses.

I know most of you whether you’ve slept 18 hours or 3 hours, you still don’t have enough patience. But at the very least, if you’ve slept well, your patience will be controllable.

Tips for better sleep quality

Here are a few of my personal recommendations on how to achieve better sleep quality and maintain a healthy crypto trading routine. I’m not a doctor and these are just my tips and tricks. If you suffer from a lack of sleep and you feel it’s affecting your health, I urge you to seek help asap.

Get an Eye Mask

By far one of my best recent investments. I bought an eye mask for a couple dollars (a silky one with a gel pack inside). It changed my entire sleeping game. An eye mask (or sleeping mask) can benefit you regardless of how you choose to structure your day. If you choose to stay up late to trade, it can help black out the sunlight in the morning hours when you wake up late.

It also helps to block out distractions when you’re ready to sleep. Often times I see my notification and feel the need to check them. If you have something playing the background to doze you off, you can just listen to it in absolute complete darkness instead of staring at the screen.

Sleep at the same time every night

Your body’s circadian rhythm loves routine. Our bodies have evolved to sleep at a certain time and wake up at a certain time. Pick a time that works for you and go to bed. Even if you don’t fall asleep, at least lay there (with your eye mask) and once you have your routine down, your body will start to fall asleep at that time.


This is something I’ve yet to master. Find a time slot before bed to just sit down (or lay down) without any phones, noise, or light. Just sit there, breathe and clear your head. No, you don’t have to be a monk and chant something. Just allow those few moments to peace and quiet. If you can get into the habit of doing this when you wake up as well, even better.

Turn down the brightness

I can write an entire book on how screens destroy our sleep quality. This is due to the ‘blue light’ that screens produce. Although we can’t really control this, since in modern society everything is viewed and interacted with through a screen, you must aim to control to transition from screens to sleep.

It is commonly recommend that you turn off or avoid screens (cellphones, TV, laptops, etc) about 2 hours prior to sleep. You can use this time to do the few things above. Trust me, you will start to notice the changes in your sleep quality within a few days.

Dark Mode / Night Mode

Most mobile OS and apps now offer you the option to switch to dark mode or night mode. This basically changes white backgrounds to black or dark gray. Twitter, Telegram, TradingView, and even PancakeSwap give you the option to switch to Dark Mode. Although the change isn’t drastic, especially if you’re spending a majority of your waking hours staring at screens, dark mode or night mode helps reduce the strain on your eyes.

Beat your meat

I’m just saying. Science doesn’t lie. Manhandle your candle and proceed to sleep like a baby.

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Reduce caffeine

This was is pretty straightforward but is always ignored. Most of us have a caffeine dependency or addiction, and all of us think that coffee doesn’t make that much of an impact on our wakefulness.

While I’m not doubting that, it’s the subtlety of what caffeine does is what you should monitor. Even though you won’t be laying in bed twitching your fingers, having coffee too close to bedtime will still affect your REM cycles and sleep quality.

Cut back on coffee later in the day and switch to decaf tea or chamomile.

Relaxing Audio

Put on some chill, relaxing audio in the background (paired with your sleeping mask) while you rest in bed. Many people choose rain / thunderstorm but personally it doesn’t quite do the trick and can’t really simulate an actual thunderstorm.

You can also find audiobooks, documentaries, or even some chill lo-fi music playlists.

I’m a bit of a weirdo. Here’s Joe Pera saying random things for 10 hours straight while you fall asleep. Highly recommended.

Drink Water

I’m not sure why I have this here. For every life problem, the internet and WebMD says to drink water.

Get a life

I know you want to change your life for the better – that’s why you’re staying up late browsing Telegram group chats and checking charts -losing valuable sleep over some microcap meme coin. Either that, or you have a gambling addiction. I’m not going to lecture you about gambling yet, let’s save that for another article. But I want you to understand that crypto, no matter how many opportunities it offers you, isn’t everything in life.

You have family, friends, kids, hobbies, personal health, and so many other things outside of crypto that you need to attend to. I advise you to structure your day to the point where you achieve balance with everything. Balance isn’t always attainable but the effort can change your life. Even if you don’t have any of those things, find something else to do.

Don’t lose everyone and everything around you to focus all of your time on trading, because when that day comes and you finally get your 1000x, you’ll have no one around you to celebrate with and/or no energy to enjoy it.

Work smarter, not harder.

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