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FlokiZap : The rebirth of BabyZap with a new and improved contract

A unique reflections protocol with no taxes

BabyZap is back but this time as FlokiZap, refreshed with new branding and an improved contract that continues to boast its reflections protocol with absolutely no transaction taxes.

In the previous article, I spoke about the innovation of what this project is bringing forth to the Binance Smart Chain. Personally, I’m tired and bored of the same ‘features’ over and over. Rewards, standard reflections, bla bla bla. It’s all the same with just a different logo.

The FlokiZap team reached out to us at Degen Clinic to touch base and give us an update on their relaunch and rebranding. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can witness.


Token Info

Name: FlokiZap
Symbol: $FLOKIZ
Contract: TBA
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Supply: 10,000,000
Decimals: 18


0% Buy Tax
0% Sell Tax

BabyZap Rebranded

Perhaps BabyZap has now grown up because he/she (it?) has evolved into a heroic Viking of the future. In this future, the members of this society aren’t bound and oppressed by recurring taxation. This is because this world is protected by FlokiZap himself and his godlike powers, using them for good in a continuous battle against taxes and those who implement them.

More than just a memecoin, FlokiZap is here to eliminate taxes and spread the wealth amongst his believes.


FlokiZap is essentially a relaunch and rebrand of BabyZap with an improved contract loaded with additional features and usecase. The team has been quite transparent with the results of the previous project, clearly admitting that there were flaws.

With those lessons learned, the team is now equipped for a successful relaunch with adjustments to the roadmap and post-launch marketing. (If you’re active in our Telegram group you would know – relaunches are mostly bullish!)

FlokiZap bsc 2

$FLOKIZ will continue to boast it’s reflections protocol with 0 taxes, alongside a new burn mechanism that can be triggered by a community member, as well as a usecase! It’s also worth a mention from now that the new FlokiZap contract has been audited by InterFi and passed with a score of 90/100

No F**king Taxes!

I hate taxes. Period. The solution FlokiZap is bringing forth is quite unique yet simple. Create a contract that can give you more tokens without the need for transaction taxes.

Like I explained in the $BZAP article, Tokens with taxes tend to repel potential investors. Sometimes with high taxes you have to wait quite some time to enter into a profit zone. Remember, if a token has 15% buy and sell taxes, you will need a 30% gain to break even. I go more into detail about this in What is Slippage.

So how is it actually done? I mean, how the hell can it be 0% taxes and still be able to receive reflections? Witchcraft?
Answer: Passive Yield Mechanics. Big words, I know.

FlokiZap bsc meme
Much better

This Passive Yield stems from the FlokiZap supply expansion from every single new buy order – which represents the organic demand for $FLOKIZ. Therefore, if you’re holding $FLOKIZ in your wallet, you will be able to passively earn more FlokiZap tokens after every new buy transaction (for $FLOKIZ of course). After each successful buy transaction, your wallet gets instantly zapped more FlokiZap tokens.

All the technical nerdy stuff aside, the math you need to consider is quite simple. More tokens in your wallet = an appreciating asset without doing anything. Passive income, folks. Additionally, if you’d like to transfer $FLOKIZ tokens to other wallets, there aren’t any taxes as well.

Unique Burn Mechanism

One of the major changes to the new contract is its Burn Mechanism. When activated, this new feature, will burn a certain percentage of the supply. The actual percentage will be adjusted according to the chart.

The Burn mechanism can be called upon by anyone in the FlokiZap community by “lighting the torch,” – a button that will be available on the on the “Write Contract” tab on the contract’s BSCscan page. The member who calls lights this torch will be rewarded 1% of the total burnt amount. The frequency of the burn will vary depending on the chart conditions.

Season 1 Vikings GIF by HISTORY - Find & Share on GIPHY

With this mechanism, FlokiZap basically implements the actual intended effect of burning tokens. In the past, burning tokens was really just a gimmick. We read “burning 50% of the supply on launch” and think to ourselves “Wow that’s amazing this is gonna moon bro.” Well, in reality it’s a bunch of toilet water.

Burning tokens raises the price floor but not if you’re burning supply that’s held outside of the liquidity pool. This literally has no impact on anything. FlokiZap will be zapping tokens out of existence by burning tokens that are inside of the liquidity pool which will result in a rising price floor.


The FlokiZap team not only returns with a new and improved contract but also introduces some use cases which can take this project even further into the stratosphere.

AirZap is a platform and service that is dedicated to airdrops. New up-and-coming projects can utilize this service to promote their token to FlokiZap’s existing community – potentially attracting more investors to their project.

The screen process for future projects that use AirZop will be governed by a diverse team of experienced specialists ranging from BSC developers all the way through to social media experts. Here are some of the points that each new project will have to qualify for:

  • Contract
  • Social Media Presence
  • Usecase
  • Actual in-field experience
  • Roadmap / execution

This service will also add a layer of legitimacy to that new project as the auditing process will qualify and determine whether it is worth of utilizing AirZap As a FlokiZap holder, you will become privileged with exclusive whitelist spots and custom NFTs. You can also be at ease with newer projects that qualify through the AirZap platform.


Due to relative success with the marketing of the previous version of the project, the FlokiZap team has decided to repeat a similar route. As they always say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The team will continue to use the power of networking to fully utilize all platforms available such as crypto-related Telegram groups, Twitter, Influencers, and Whitelist competitions.

In my honest opinion, the team did a fantastic job building up the hype for the BabyZap launch. This time around they mentioned that they will also be dedicating a significant portion of effort and funds towards post-launch marketing tactics.

Presale & Launch

FlokiZap’s whitelisted presale will be held on Pinksale on November 3nd at 17:00 UTC with a hard cap of 300 BNB and a soft cap of 150 BNB. 70% of this will be allocated to the Liquidity Pool (LP) which will be locked for 9 months. The remainder (30%) will be used for post-launch marketing purposes to continue to attract potential investors.

PinkSale’s launchpad and presale platform

Public listing will be on PancakeSwap on November 3rd at 19:00 UTC where the tokens will be available for you to buy if you didn’t make the presale. Both presale and launch will carry the same prices so there aren’t any extra advantages for presalers.

Anti-bot mechanism

Rest assured that the FlokiZap team has put in extra work to deter sniper bots.

There will be a maximum of 2% transfer and $FLOKIZ holding limit. This is to ensure a more fair distribution. Once your wallet hits the 2% supply threshold you will not be able to buy more.

Additionally, there will be a 2 minute transfer cooldown that resets after each buy. Basically this will help to avoid chart manipulation, i.e., traders won’t be able to buy big bags of $FLOKIZ and instantly sell your yield. This renders FlokiZap resistant to flash loans – a common problem with 0% tax tokens.


Personally, I like this team. They have been very transparent and understanding with their community – unlike most other dev/teams who basically throw in the towel and essentially say “Yeah my bad it didn’t work oh well sorry for your losses.”

I think the mere fact that they’re still pushing the boundaries and not giving up on their concept shows what a gem of a team they are. This doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to make crazy profits of course, but it does give you some reassurance that your funds are safe.

I reckon it’s worth giving FlokiZap (BabyZap) another chance to see it in action longer-term. That being said, nothing you read here is financial advice. Always do your own additional research and never invest amounts you aren’t willing to lose. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below or give us a shout in the Degen Clinic Telegram Group

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