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Dosa: Your favorite coins’ favorite coin

Vote on where $50,000 gets spent!

The Ethereum Network is about to be graced with another project with massive potential, this time paired with a unique protocol. Dosa has already started garnering the attention of both ETH and BSC investors as it prepares to introduce itself to the masses. And now, since the infamous ETH merge – resulting in lower gas fees – all eyes are on Dosa.

Well, here you have it, The Clinic’s interview and analysis of Dosa and what’s in store for its investors. I got in touch directly with the team and their marketing heads to hear more on what’s this big dog is all about.

Project Info

Name: Dosa
Symbol: $DOSA
Network: Ethereum (ERC20)
Contract: N\A
Buy / Sell Taxes: 7% / 7%


Dosa, branding itself as “Your favorite coin’s favorite coin,” is essentially an ERC20 project that enables you, as an investor, to vote on the Dosa Treasury Wallet’s (the “Dosa Bomb”) expenditure. The Dosa Bomb options include a list of 4 projects that are internally nominated.

While seemingly simple on the outside, Dosa is more complex than the average project. It’s not just a memecoin – though it may seem like that on the front cover.

Think about it like this. Let’s say you’re diamond-handing a token. What’s more bullish than a massive green candle? Isn’t that all we want to see?

Massive green candles tend to kickstart momentum – something, aside from technical and fundamental analysis can attract attention and create the foundation for an uptrend. The mere satisfaction and gratification of seeing a token that you’re holding is receiving positive volume can be exciting.

With over 20,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, and that number growing daily; getting exposure on a specific project is becoming harder over time. Dosa grants teams and communities the power to bring that sought-after attention to their projects.

The Dosa Team

The $DOSA smart contract has been audited and KYC’d by SolidProof, a reputable contract auditor that works closely with UniCrypt launchpad.

Their marketing and PR is being managed by the BlockChain Brothers, the marketing masterminds behind CatCoin and SquidGrow – to only name a few of their top tier successes. The Clinic has worked with them in the past, and I must say, they know the game. That alone can make me bullish. (Not Financial Advice).

The Dog

No, it’s not referring to a thin pancake from India. The Dosa name refers to an extremely rare breed of dog – the Korean Dosa Mastiff. According to DogBreedInfo, it is a “dignified, easy-going, good natured, intelligent, and loyal.” It enjoys human company and the males can grow up to 85 kg, so it’s definitely the Shaquille O’Neill of dogs.

Some of the Dosacrat NFTs

The team specifically chose Dosa as their branding and mascot primarily because of its notable characteristics which reflect the core values of the project.

“We say that Dosa “democratizes green candles” because it enables communities of other projects to get attention and transaction volume on the projects they feel most passionate about.”

The Dosa team

Dosa Bomb

As mentioned above, the primary tool of the Dosa project is the Dosa Bomb. It allows Dosa Fuses (wallets that hold at least 100,000 $DOSA tokens) to vote on which project the Dosa Bomb is spent towards.

The Dosa Bomb wallet gradually accumulates funds that is acquired from the tax allocations from all the transaction volume (2% – broken down below in ‘Tokenomics’). The aim for this wallet is a minimum of $50,000 in order to take action.

Each Dosa Bomb has 4 nominated projects that will compete for votes on which should receive this $50,000 Dosa Bomb buy.

Dosa Bomb user interface
The Dosa Bomb interface explained

In order to vote for the Dosa Bomb, a Dosa Fuse (again, could be you if you hold at least 100k $DOSA) selects which potential project you’d like to vote for on the Dosa dApp. During each Dosa Bomb round, you are allowed 1 vote, plus your additional votes gained from privileges of holding Dosacrat NFTs (see below). Your vote must be submitted before the Dosa Bomb wallet accumulates $50,000

If you are unfortunate and you miss the chance of voting on the onoging Dosa Bomb round, your vote(s) count do not get added to the upcoming round. And once all votes are submitted, they cannot be withdrawn.

Dosacrats NFTs

Dosa’s line of NFTs are called Dosacrats – unique NFT art generated by AI and rendered in the format of your typical ‘profile picture’ style, all exhibiting various (swagged-out) forms of the Korean Mastiff. The collection will feature 10,000 NFTs

So, if you acquire a Dosacrat NFT, you become an official member of the ‘Dosacratic Parliament‘ which grants you influence over the Dosa Bomb.

Just so you understand, to be a Dosa Fuse, you need to hold at least 100,000 $DOSA token – this allows you one (1) vote on a Dosa Bomb. But, each Dosacrat NFT you hold also grants you one (1) additional vote each.

Let’s say you are already a Dosa Fuse, and you hold 2 NFTs, this means you get 3 votes total on a Dosa Bomb round.

In summary, the more Dosacrat NFTs you hold in your wallet, the more votes you are entitled.


Dosa will be launched with a supply of 1,000,000,000 $DOSA tokens. This supply cannot be inflated, nor can additional tokens be minted in the future.

The supply will be split 3 ways:

  • 11% (Team & Advisors)
  • 39% (Exchanges & Reserve)
  • 50% (For the Unicrypt ILO)
Dosa’s Tokenomics according to their website

All buy & sell transactions will be subject to 7% tax, which is relatively small compared to many projects which are implementing a hefty12-15% on their transactions for no legitimate reason at all.

The 7% tax is broken down into 3 separate allocations:

  • 3% (For maintanance and marketing)
  • 2% (Towards the Liquidity Pool)
  • 2% (For the Dosa Bomb)

If you’d like to go more into detail, I suggest you read Dosa’s SolidProof audit.

Presale & Launch

The $DOSA presale will be held on UniCrypt, an ‘OG’ launchpad that has been around since the early days of memecoin existence.

The whitelisted presale (which you must earn via a Dosa Pass) will have a softcap of 100 ETH and a hardcap of 200 ETH. Each whitelisted wallet will have a maximum allocation of 0.2 ETH.

Dosa ILO on unicrypt
Dosa’s ILO on Unicrypt

The Presale price of $DOSA will be 1,575,000 $DOSA per ETH – which will be the same as the price at launch – therefore, presalers will not have any extra advantage other than simple being early.

Of the fund raised, 60% will be allocated towards the Liquidity Pool and subsequently locked.


With the ETH merge resulting in lower gas fees, I expect more apes (investors like me and you) looking at potential long-term projects on Ethereum Network. That said, being the first on the front lines of the opposing side (BSC) always is a major plus.

As I stated earlier in this article, Dosa may seem like just another memecoin project, but its utility alone speaks for itself. When investing in a new project, you must tediously examine various factors. These can include smart contract analysis, team research, marketing potential, and of course – utility.

If you are a frequent Binance Smart Chain (BSC) investor and you’re looking to get your hands on the next ETH play, this is likely it. However, please remember that nothing you read here should be taken as financial advice. Please always conduct your own additional research before investing in a project, regardless of whoever speaks highly of it. For your additional research, I’ve included some links below.


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