Here’s an easy way to disconnect from a DApp using MetaMask

Too often, especially with the average rookie shitcoin trader, people connect their wallets to a new DApp without thinking twice. Everyday, on BSC, ETH, and KCC chains, more and more projects are releasing their own DApps – whether for staking, yield farming, collecting rewards, or for some degree of NFT / Blockchain gaming. Among these all new projects will be some scams – more than you might think. So why would you want to disconnect from a Dapp?

As you may realise by now, an alarmingly large percentage of tokens that are deployed are probably scams, rug pulls, honeypots, phishing and good ol’ fashioned straight up hacking. Sometimes it’s the entire menu. Therefore, I believe it’s safe to say that some of these will be among the batch of ‘legit projects’ that have use cases and DApps.

In the scenario where a project like this that you were invested in turned out to be a scam or rugpull, you should always take an extra measure just to be safe. Some of these scam DApps can access your wallet and your funds and have the ability to totally empty it and leave you dry with a few HashPanda left in.
If you haven’t installed the MetaMask Google Chrome extension as yet, read our guide on how to install MetaMask.

Go to Account view

Click your MetaMask plugin in the top right corner of Google Chrome where ‘extensions’ tab is located. Click the MetaMask icon should take you straight to your main account view or prompt you to login.


In case you don’t see it right away, the MetaMask extension should be under the tab indicated above

Select the wallet you would like to disconnect (from the DApp)

Assuming you have more than one MetaMask wallet, click the account icon at the top right and select your wallet from the dropdown. If you just have one wallet then you’re already in the right place.

Go to your ‘Connected Sites’ list.

After you’ve selected the MetaMask wallet you’d like to disconnect from the DApp, click the ‘3 dots’ icon. This will provide you with another dropdown menu with ‘Connected Sites’ as an option. Click that.

Disconnect from the website / DApp

Clicking ‘Connected Sites’ should give you a popup mini window that gives you a list of websites and DApps that this MetaMask wallet is connected to. Find the one that you would like to disconnect and click Trash can icon. It will ask you to confirm or cancel. Click confirm.

Disconnect from a dapp with metamask

That’s it!

And that, my friends, is a simple step-by-step guide on how to disconnect from a DApp using the MetaMask Google Chrome extension. After this, your wallet should be fully disconnected from the DApp. If you’ve selected the wrong one and mistakenly disconnected from a DApp you use frequently, then don’t worry. You can always connect to your desired DApp again by reconnecting to their website – which will prompt you to login to your MetaMask and select a wallet to use.

Hope this helped! As always, if it’s still confusing to you, feel free to reach out to us in the Degen Clinic Telegram group. Our team and community are always there to help if you need it. Or even just join to say hello to us.

Also, feel free to bookmark this article for later reference, or share it on your social media in case someone else needs it. The crypto spaces within Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum chain are full of newcomers, most of whom aren’t practicing appropriate security measures. You never know who might come across the share and benefit from it!

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