How to bridge from BSC to Milkomeda Cardano (milkADA)

Start trading with MilkADA in 10 minutes

As a sidechain protocol, Milkomeda Cardano has been gaining a bit of traction recently within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) atmosphere. Mainly due to its low gas fees (equivalent to BSC’s) and abundance of memecoins, more and more traders are rushing to the new chain to try their hand at the ‘next potential 1000x gem.’

At the time of writing this, both MilkDoge ($MOGE) and MilkShiba ($MSHIBA) are leading the ranks at becoming the top bluechip project in Milkomeda. Due to this, many projects are being launched in hopes of becoming the milkADA counterpart of other established BSC memecoins.

Here’s a simple, detailed rundown of how to swap your funds over from BSC to Milkomeda Cardano (milkADA), and start trading within 5 -10 minutes.

1) Connect wallet to cBridge

To start, ensure your MetaMask wallet is set to Binance Smart Chain mainnet.

For this bridging process we will be using Celer Network’s cBridge v2. It’s a simple bridge to use, especially when bridging to Milkomeda.

Connecting to cBridge v2

Click the 3 dots icon at the top right corner of the cBridge main page. This should give you a drop down menu, with a “Connect Wallet” icon at the very bottom of that. Click that and approve the connection through the MetaMask notification (pop up mini window).

2) Swap BNB to ceBNB

Unlike most bridges that require you to swap BNB to USDT, then USDT over to the bridge, then bridge over to the other network, then swap out for local network currency (that was a moutful) Celer Network’s bridge allows you to remain in BNB, and simply bridge over to their ‘version’ of BNB – ceBNB (Celer Network BNB)

  • Set the “From” tab to BNB Chain
  • Set the “To” tab to Milkomeda Cardano
  • Enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap over
  • Click the big blue ‘Transfer‘ button
Your configurations should look something like this

After doing the steps above, you should see a blue “Pending” notification at the top right corner of the website.

3) Wait

Now you wait. For me it took about 5 minutes to bridge over from BSC to Milkomeda. For others, it took a bit longer. This all depends on how busy the network is. Luckily for you, milkADA is still fairly new, so network activity can be relatively low compared to others like Ethereum.

Through the bridging process you will receive a small amount milkADA to begin with. This is for you to use for your initial gas fees that you will need for Step 5.

After about 10 minutes (ish), refresh your page to make sure the pending process is over. You can also click “history” on the top right corner of the page to see your successful transaction

4) Add Milkomeda Cardano to MetaMask

Now we need to configure MetaMask to be able to operate within the Milkomeda Cardano network. If you downloaded MetaMask for BSC, you would have needed to do this for the Binance Smart Chain mainnet as well. The process is exactly the same. Click the MetaMask plugin icon on your browser, and in your network selection drop-down menu, at the bottom you will find “Add Network

Simply fill in the following.

  • Network Name: Milkomeda Cardano (C1)
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 2001
  • Currency Symbol: MilkADA
  • Block Explorer URL:
Fill in the fields! Ignore the red text.

After you’ve entered these details, hit “Save” and you should now have the Milkomeda Cardano network all set up in your MetaMask.

5) Swap ceBNB to milkADA

You’re almost there! All we need to do now is get your BNB funds and convert it into tradeable milkADA.

Now go to your MetaMask and switch the network to “Milkomeda Cardano (C1).” If you don’t see it there you must have done something wrong in the previous step.

For this swapping process we will be using the MilkySwap exchange. This is essentially the ‘PancakeSwap‘ of Milkomeda Cardano. You will be using this DEX (Decentralized Exchange) regularly when buying / selling tokens that are local to the Milkomeda network – yes, that includes the shitcoins and memecoins.

MilkySwap Exchange
  • Connect your wallet (top right corner)
  • Click “swap” on the top left. (Or just click here bruh)
  • Set ‘Swap from‘ to ceBNB
  • Set ‘Swap to‘ to milkADA
  • Click Swap
  • Approve transaction with MetaMask

6) You’re ready!

After you’ve approved the transaction, after about 10-15 seconds, you should now have milkADA in your wallet. Congratulations! You can now successfully lose your money from several networks at once! Just kidding of course, but just bear the possibility in mind.

7) Bonus: Tools

Here is a summary as well as some tools that you can use during your gem hunting on Milkomeda Cardano (milkADA)

If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave them below or join the Degen Clinic community on Telegram.

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