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BabyZap: A new reflections protocol with 0 taxes

Zapping tokens into your wallet with every buy transaction

BabyZap reflections protocol

Take what you know about reflections and toss it in the trash, BabyZap is about to revitalize and refresh the entire concept.

See, we are often excited by innovative projects in BSC – and rightfully so. An annoyingly large percentage of the projects and tokens being launched everyday on the Binance Smart Chain are simply just copycats of each other, with a slightly different logo and maybe a change in taxes. Essentially, they’re all the same shit, just different scent.

So when a project like BabyZap enters the room and says, “yeah, we’re not doing that, we’re doing this,” I’m all ears. I reached out to the BabyZap team to learn more for an official Degen Clinic rundown.


Token info

Name: BabyZap
Symbol: $BZAP
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Supply: 10,000,000
Decimals: 9
Initial MCap: 175,000


0% – Buy
0% – Sell

10% – Reflections on every buy


Fundamentally, BabyZap is a unique reflections protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The protocol itself is an entirely new feature being introduced to BSC, as it will be the very first of its kind to implement reflections with absolutely no taxes.

By simply holding $BZAP tokens, you will be earn more tokens with every new buy transaction that’s placed by a trader. These token reflections are also instantly zapped into your wallet. There will be no manual claiming necessary nor will you have to wait for certain time intervals to get your reflections

BabyZap BSC

The Birth of BabyZap

The concept was born from the core team’s first-hand experience with trading in BSC.

We are all “shitcoin” traders by first profession. We’ve aped into tons and tones of projects together. We realised there was a serious innovation gap in the shitcoin space – and there still is!

The BabyZap team

With the realization that almost all projects implement heavy taxes whether you buy or sell, at the same time constantly increasing, the team noticed a pattern in which traders are very hesitant to buy after the initial pump.

Hesitance or a loss in buying power after that uptrend can stem from traders’ awareness of the fact that it will take them an uncomfortably long time to make any profits due to the projects high tax implications.

This thought process ignited a conversation among us. We realized that we have the talent, the drive, and the team cohesion to fix this. We spoke about it for a few months and then lo and behold, BabyZap was born.

The BabyZap team

No Taxes!?

Read it again if you want. That’s Zero tax on buy transactions, and Zero tax on sell transactions. And normally, or your average everyday shitcoin, for reflections to work, taxes need to be implemented in order to allocate some of those taxes into holders’ wallets.


Usually we pay taxes to buy or sell tokens, this can range anywhere from 5% – 15% (these days with rewards coins can be up to 30%) This is due to their tokenomics and distribution of the taxes for rewards, reflections, Liquidity Pool allocation, etc

Taxes, like in real life, can discourage potential investors and traders because it really boils down a smaller ROI. If a token has 15% on its buys and 15% on its sells, your investment will need to increase 30% in value for you to just break even. This also doesn’t account for slippage

BabyZap’s Protocol is based on its token with passive yield mechanics. However, the difference here is that these passive yields do not come from any transaction taxes. Instead, it stems from the $BZAP supply expansion from new buy orders – which represents organic demand for $BZAP.

BabyZap BSC


The BabyZap team provided a thorough breakdown on their website on how the formula for the reflections will work.

Global expansion amount = Buy amount x 10%

Use this scenario as an example:

The total supply is 10,000,000 $BZAP, and you hold 50,000 of them. There are 5,000,000 $BZAP in the liquidity pool so the supply used in the calculation is actually 5,000,000. Therefore, your 50,000 tokens equals 1% of the effective total supply.

The very next trader comes along and buys 100,000 $BZAP. This would lead to the global supply expansion which would be 10% of his 100,000 $BZAP which is 10,000.

In this scenario, since you hold 1% of the effective supply, you will receive 1% of that 10,000 which equals to 100 $BZAP.

Keep in mind, this is just on that one buy transaction alone. Imagine when there are thousands! And these rewards are immediately reflected or “zapped” into your wallet every time.

Now for each sell, if that guy is a compulsive paperhand and decides to sell his 100,000 $BZAP, 88,000 of that will be sent to the liquidity pool and the other 12,000 will be burnt BUT he will still receive the same value 100,000 $BZAP in BNB.

The burn is subsequently “zapped” from the liquidity pool which in effect can reduce the impact of sell transactions. This is crucial as it maintains the zero tax in and outs and creates a net deflationary result for the token.

Tokenomics & Distribution

As mentioned above, the total supply is 10,000,000 $BZAP, 80% of which (8,000,000 tokens) will be allocated for the presale. 10% of the supply will be allocated towards marketing and public awareness prior to launch. The team and initial seed funding investors will share 6% and the remainder will be 2% for DX Sale fees, 1% for community contests and competitions, and 1% for the community mods.

BabyZap token distribution
BabyZap token supply distribution according to their whitepaper

After the presale is completed, 70% of that amount will be added to the LP (Liquidity Pool), with the remaining 30% of the raised funds dedicated to post-launch marketing strategies. The Liquidity will be locked for 1 year on DX Sale.

Presale & Launch

There will be a small whitelisted presale on September 30th at 17:00 UTC, be sure to join their Telegram community to stay updated.

Click here for the SweepWidget contest

Platform: DX Sale
Hardcap: 200 BNB
Softcap: 100 BNB
Minimum investment: 0.1 BNB
Maximum investment: 1 BNB
Starting Market Cap: $175,000

BabyZap BSC whitelist

BabyZap is scheduled to be list on PancakeSwap on September 29th. If you didn’t get in on the presale, this is your chance to buy $BZAP. Token price on both launch and listing will be the same.

The Team

BabyZap’s team is an assembly of sophisticated and talented individuals who have known each other for approximately a year, including 2 extremely talented developers who they refer to as their Wizards.

To push BabyZap to its full potential, the team also recruited designers who have extensive experience in creating marketing materials for several projects – aka the GIFWarriors, alongside 2 social media gurus, 2 tech support members, and 5 community moderators.

A majority of the core team have been involved with several notable BSC projects including MiniShibaInu, Kodiak, and Cryptonite.

From a community perspective, these individuals have learnt a lot from these previous projects, including what works, and more importantly what doesn’t.

The BabyZap team

Marketing efforts

With their elite team, the social media gurus are utilizing the power of Telegram networking – contacting and negotiating deals with BSC-based influencers and those with large followings. Twitter is also being used to maximize engagement with the crypto community, by hosting meme contests and SweepWidget referrals.

We are very selective as to who we ofer whitelist spots to. Any promoters that will be getting whitelist spots will be getting them on our terms. We are also ensuring we go through a wide variety of sources, including Discord, Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter.

The BabyZap team

If you have experience in competing for whitelist spots, this should put your mind at ease. Too often, many projects throw out whitelist spots like it’s the Oprah Winfrey show. Well not in this case.

In terms of outreach, the team is also looking into raising some brand awareness in the Chinese market – a very large and active demographic. Advertisements are already in place on the Chinese-based microblogging platform, Weibo, with more to come in the next phases.


It seems that when new innovative projects land on Binance Smart Chain, they perform exceptionally well (according to my personal statistics.)

EverRise came out of nowhere with their Buy-back mechanisms, HODL sparked the BNB reward trend, GoesUpHigher came up with the rebase idea – and all of these have absolutely smashed it in the BSC space. Yes I sold EverRise early. Leave me alone.

Due to this, it leads me to believe that BabyZap has that same potential as those projects mentioned above. Of course at the same time, it depends on the market conditions, market confidence, and overall reception of the project. But if the team and the community can consistently push the concept across BSC, then you as an investor will be among the ones that got in early on the next big thing.

That being said, nothing you read here should be taken as financial advice. I urge you, please for the love of god, do your own research and always only invest what you are willing and able to lose.

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