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Baby Fort Knox: Raising the bar for reward coins

With unique mechanisms and even an NFT platform

Fresh new tokenomics are coming to Binance Smart Chain as Baby Fort Knox aims to break away from the current standards and change the game as we know it when it comes to reward coins. $BFK promises to reward holders in ‘crypto gold’ – USDT – while their investment is secured in the ‘Fort Knox’ of BSC.

All the buzz about it is due to the unique take on the features they are implementing, including anti-dump, and buy-back mechanisms, alongside a dynamic tax system. With all of these under Baby Fort Knox’s belt, it should be able to protect the $BFK price by establishing price floors.

Here is the Degen Clinic rundown of what $BFK is bringing to Binance Smart Chain


Token Info

Symbol: $BFK
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimals: 9
Contract address: Copy


Buy tax
3% – USDT rewards
1% – Liquidity pool
4% – Buy back / burn
4% – Marketing

Sell Tax
3/6% – USDT rewards
1/2% – Liquidity pool
4/8% – Buy back / burn
24/8% – Marketing

About Baby Fort Knox

In summary, Baby Fort Knox’s features include rewards in USDT reflections, and manual and auto buy-back-and-burn.

$BFK is bringing innovative tokenomics to BSC by introducing a dynamic sales tax that prevents dumps after buy backs are initiated – a very common problem with buy-back projects.

According to their story, Baby Fort Knox was released from a top secret vault deep inside the heart of the BSC network, within which a collection of crypto advocates joined and formed a treaty – resulting in the development of a rug-proof, hyper deflationary, anti-dump token that has never been attempted before.

With full confidence, the Baby Fort Knox team believes that $BFK will be a completely unique contract, with dynamic mechanism that has potential to completely alter the paradigm of ‘reward tokens’ permanently. The standard is aimed to be risen.

The use case wraps up all of the above into a well-assembled bundle – where the play-to-earn (P2E) game comes into play. Involved in this are experienced blockchain gaming developments and experts who are commissioned to bring this game into fruition.

The Team

The Baby Fort Knox team has years of extensive experience in the gaming and memecoin space. Separately, they have played major roles in several BSC projects, directly handling marketing, consulting, and Solidity. But this project will be the first time they’ve decided to pool their skills and resources together and take on a project with their combined expertise.

At the foundation, the members of the team are also active investors in BSC, so they have first hand experience and know what it’s like to be invested in a project. This can give them a unique perspective to develop an ecosystem to suit everyone.


Vault Security

Auto LP + randomized big buyback at support/resistance levels. LP swap threshold is 10%. Generated LP will be removed once it reaches the threshold. Native token gets burned; BNB goes to buyback contract.

The Green Zone

After big buyback “vault is unlocked”; buy tax reduced to 5% and sell increased to 15% lasts for 1 hour.


Auto buyback & burn. Fixed amount on set time intervals, for example, X amount BNB every 1-4 hours. Can be set to smaller time and amount or bigger amount and longer gap. Or have on for limited time per day. 


After Auto BuyBacks – Sell Tax increase by double or X then slowly decrease over X time until next buyback. 12% to 24% back to 12% over 1 hour.

Note : To execute sell might need to increase slippage. Let’s say Dashboard is showing 15% sell tax, they may need to set slippage to 15%+(16%) = 31% .Only 15% sell tax will be charged even 31% slippage is used, this can be verified on transaction record blockchain.

Pay out

Holders of $BFK rewarded in USDT dividends – auto distribution every hour.


Marketing/Development Tax – Tax contributes towards marketing/Development fund on every buy/sell of 4%, 4-8% respectively during Close The Vault.

Round Trip Taxes : 

Tax During Gold Rush / Open the vault 

Buy 5% + Sell 12% – 15% = 17% – 20%

Sell During Close the vault

5% + 12% – 24% = 17% – 29%

Normal Tax + Sell During Gold Rush / Open the vault

Buy 12% + Sell 12% – 15% = 24% – 27%

Normal Tax + Sell During Close the vault

Buy 12% + Sell 12% – 24% = 24% – 36%

Baby Fort Knox sliding tax
$BFK tax mechanics

We have implemented a dynamic tax function to prevent major dumps after we initialise manual buybacks. Quite often holders will take advantage of this method and bring the coin right back down to the price range before the buyback. We aim to prevent this while establishing higher price floors.

The Baby Fort Knox team


Playable NFT Characters & P2E game

A marketplace will be created where $BFK holders can create, upgrade, and sell their NFT characters to other $BFK holders. The characters can be used in their Play-to-Earn (P2E) game where you can earn money while challenging your friends or completing raids.

The NFT interactive game allows holders to battle using their purchased NFT characters or their own custom-made NFT characters on the battlefield. Community members will also have the ability to purchase pre-built characters or NFTs to start enjoying the game online.

Baby Fort Knox will also be hosting regular dungeons and raids with their events – which gives holders the opportunity to gain more $BFK tokens. During this, players can join forces together in a multiplayer raid to defeat big bosses (called Ethereum Aliens.) Just like other video games, once defeated, these big opponents they can release tons of $BFK tokens and other loot.

Baby Fort Knox playable NFTs
Some of the Baby Fort Knox Playable NFTs

$BFK tokens can be used entirely at your own discretion. You’ll be able to sell your tokens in exchange for BNB, or choose to keep them to unlock better upgrades to evolve your NFT character which can move you up the ranks.

From the marketplace, players can upgrade their playable NFT characters by purchasing a range of powerful weapons, protective armor, and even special abilities. You even have the option to build your own NFT soldier! All users will also have the choice to start playing with a completely free standard NFT character, which is also upgradeable to higher ranks by earning more $BFK and using them to unlock better abilities and purchase better gear.

Baby Fort Knox NFT platform
Baby Fort Knox NFT platform

You start by defeating your opponents (after staking coins) in a 1v1 style gameplay where the winner takes the pot. You will also have the option to up the ante by battling for NFT ownership after being matched up with a compatible opponent.

Initially, the P2E game will be available via web client, then eventually released for iOS, Android, and Windows.


The Baby Fort Knox team is comprised of an arsenal of experienced marketing experts who are well-connected through out the Binance Smart Chain space.

We are in touch with service providers and team members who can connect us with anything we need

Baby Fort Knox team

Rolling out with their marketing plan includes routes such as:

  • PooCoin banner advertisements
  • Twitter promotions
  • Facebook Ads
  • Dextool trending strategies
  • CMS posts
  • and more

In addition to the above, the team intends to conjure unique methods to push Baby Fort Knox to stand out from the rest of projects in BSC – along with the help and suggestions from the community

Presale & Launch

Baby Fort Knox will be having their whitelisted presale on Friday September 24th at 15:00 UTC and will be hosted on PinkSale, a very secure and efficient launchpad. If you want to try to get a spot, you can enter the whitelist contest here

Presale rate: 600,000 $BFK per BNB
Liquidity allocation: 100%
Minimum investment: 0.1 BNB
Maximum Investment: 2 BNB
Softcap: 450 BNB
Hardcap: 600 BNB

$BFK will be listing on Monday September 27th at 15:00 UTC on PancakeSwap. Listing rate will be 570,000 $BFK per BNB and the liquidity will be locked for 1 year.

Baby fort knox NFT

Long-term vision

The team’s long-term vision for Baby Fort Knox is to push the limits of the direct use case NFTs within the Binance Smart Chain space, while concurrently providing it’s investors with alternative methods to earning cryptocurrency.

Use cases are so often overlooked, and memecoins do not need to be restricted to an idolized dog

The Baby Fort Knox team

The team also believes that memecoins can and will be much more in the years ahead. These days, most memecoin profits are syphoned off by its developers and teams. The BFK team’s goal is to provide their users with various avenues to put some profit back into their own wallets.


The Baby Fort Knox team seems to be taking their approach to this project very seriously, especially with the emphasis on creating a token with brand new dynamic tokenomics that can help secure your $BFK investment.

And the certainty of investment can be protected from several angles with their multiple features like the buy-back mechanism, which on its own can potentially raise the bar, and the playable NFTs alongside the marketplace and game, can massively add immense value to holding $BFK.

What do you think about Baby Fort Knox? Drop a comment below or feel free to give us a shout in the Degen Clinic telegram group. Keep in mind, although I believe that Baby Fort Knox has great potential to become an amazing project, nothing you read here should be considered financial advice. Always do your own additional research and invest what you can afford to lose.

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