Bruh, Wtf is ‘Degen Clinic?’

Degen Clinic is a media platform with a goal of helping traders in the DeFi space that actively trade (or just started) in Binance, Ethereum, and other smart chains. We seek to provide resources, tools, and material for the convenience of the community. Whether you’re in a long-term project, shitcoin, or memecoin, we’re here to help you safely navigate this confusing space of cryptocurrency with without getting scammed, and perhaps help you make some profits – at least more than a happy meal. 

Our main content will revolve around providing:

  • BSC, ETH, KCC, and other smart chain materials
  • Project reviews & overviews
  • Content to help you improve your understanding of everyday DeFi subjects  
  • News within the space (about projects, major updates, and more)
  • Pre-sale and launch calendar with Telegram alerts 
  • Tools and material to help you improve your trading experience
  • And many more additional resources for your convenience. 

Why was Degen Clinic started?

The idea behind Degen Clinic was conceived out of frustration due to the lack of reliable resources available to smart chain traders. Our team members are all actively trading everyday so we understand first-hand what the average process is like for every single trade. 

Frankly, the market (although still relatively small) is spread out, and this includes the information and resources that people can use for their research and guidance. This is most likely due to this niche of cryptocurrency / de-fi being so young compared to more prominent markets. A simple search for a question or problem you’re having, can lead you all over the internet to find a one-sentence answer. You might find a comment on a reddit post from 3 years ago. You might an abandoned blog article over-explaining it with too much technical jargon. Or you might not find anything at all because most of the terms used in our communities are common terms used in other markets. 

What are the future, long-term plans for Degen Clinic?

Whether you’re experienced in business or not, you probably understand the sweat and sleepless nights that are poured into any startup project. Countless hours spent on the seemingly small tasks that will likely go unnoticed. 90% of businesses flop within the first year. Therefore, our primary long-term goal is to make it past that statistic but simply putting 110% in everything piece of content we put out. Consistency helps a brand survive any market conditions. 

During this time, depending on the rate of our growth, we plan to expand into other media platforms such as Youtube, our own subreddit, and more to add different dimensions to our content. 

Many have asked if we are releasing a token. Though this is in the agenda, it is not a priority.